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Cigar Rollers or the Cigar DOLLS are attractive, female cigar rollers that make events very high end and trendy. Perfect for VIP events, the Cigar Dolls are all English speaking   entertainers that add a  feature to your event.

These cigar rolling femininas are frequently preferred above their older, male counterparts.

Cigar Rollers from countries such as Cuba, Dominican Republic and other island countries were not part of the affluent or “well to do” class.


A Cigar Roller was typically part of the lower class and they were taught this extremely mundane and repetitive art form for the opportunity to work in a factory or fabrica for low wages. These cigar factories were lined with rows upon rows of cigar stations each with their own roller creating hand rolled cigars for their employer. To help with the boredom that eventuality took hold of their attention, there was often a reader that would read books to the cigar rolling group to help pass the hours by.


However, in the end, superb cigars were produced and in the better, brand name factories, the cigars were in such demand overseas that the businesses flourished.


Now this unique craft is available for your next event.


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