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Cigar Rolling by women has been taken to a new level to offer you the best of both worlds.


Cigar Rollers no longer have to be the conventional, Cuban or Dominican male. When offered a choice, event planners opt for the ladies or, as these cigar rolling maestros have been named, the Cigar Dolls.


Cigar Roller events with premium, brand name cigars are planned exclusively for your event and performed perfectly for your Special Event.



You want an addition to your event, something different that contributes to the “feel”. The Dolls are more approachable and better for parties.


The Cigar Dolls bring he whole presentation to your event perfectly.


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Corporate Events, Trade Shows, Conventions, Upscale Weddings, Golf Tournaments

• Cigar DOLLS™ reserve the right to refuse any event for any reason.
• Cigar DOLLS™ event inquiries must be confirmed

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